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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is it a real Demon?

I haven't had too much experience seeing demonic manifestation. Certainly in these days many may be skeptical of such experiences. Certainly many may write off all cases of such as "mental illnesses". Are these experiences just mental problems or something supernatural? I personally like to have evidence of things because of my scientific training I received in university. But I will not throw out all believe in the spiritual just because science has to stick to a naturalistic presuppositions.

We were on our outreach in Piaui, Brazil. This location is out in the middle of the Northeast of Brazil which is extremely dry. My understanding is the particular place where we were hadn't had rain for a long time, like years. So you can imagine it a little. probably like Arizona or Wyoming in terms of terrain.

We spent five days in Sno Lourenรงo. A small city of only three thousand out in the middle of nowhere. (not an insult on those there) One night before a seminar at an Assembly of God Church, one of the students on our team was praying for a women in front of the house. I was with Wemerson inside the house and we heard some strange noises so we went outside and saw this women in a weird state. As Luzamira was praying for her, she did not seem totally conscious, but she started to say strange stuff. I don't remember everything, but one thing she said was "I am Sandra". Ok, that wasn't her name, and then a little bit later she started to say "I want to kill Sandra". According to those that know this women, Sandra was the lover of her daughter. Ok, so that was weird. Wemerson and Luzamira continued praying and laying hands on her. I pray from a few feet away, being curious. The Pastor of the Assembly of God church notice what was going on and started to pray. Now it was interesting because things were getting loud between the discussion of the Pastor and these "others" inside this woman. People on the road were noticing and watching all of this. And after about ten or fifteen minutes finally this strange state left this women and she returned to a normal conscious state.

I must stay, was that a real demon? I suppose I could pass it on as a "mental illness". But then when I think about it, another experience by a student on the same outreach in the other city of Sno Raimundo. Gercina came across a man named Reginaldo who entered into the same type of conscious state. While Gercina was in the house this man, some "other" inside of him said " I have the same power over Reginaldo that your God has over you". Meaning that something was talking to Gercina about the person that it (the demon) was inhabiting. If these are just mental illnesses, then why are they saying these things? Sounds pretty evil to me. Why don't these extra personalities say just crazy stuff like "Drink Pepsi, not Coke", "Santa Clause is a naughty boy", or "Tomatoes taste great purple". They seem to say pretty evil stuff, which makes me to think they are really evil and really are demons as the Bible describes, not just some wrongly connected synapses in the brain. I was there, and I saw it, and it looks pretty legit to me.