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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carnival Outreach in Recife

We marched through the streets of Recife. Declaring with one voice as a group the reality and truth that God has given us. The march was an intercession against the spirit of the carnival. The word for "carne" in Portuguese is "meat" and "flesh". Certain many people around us were there to serve their own personal desires to party or to have a good time, but it is a guise for a life of selfishness and the absence of a reasonable mind. As we came to a bridge. Many people had there eyes on us as we marched. Up above the bride was a giant parade float like rooster much like giant idol. We sang songs as we marched worshiping the Lord. God had directed the leadership to do this march, to arrive at this bridge in the midst city. When we arrived we stopped our march, as directed, laid down flat on the bridge in silence. Many of the carnival party people were looking intently, many taking photos of all of us on the ground. The people were looking intently. We rose up with celebration worshiping and allow God to allow his presence to come.
After many of us were handing out tracts and evangelizing people. Another missionary and I went talking to people about Jesus. Certainly some were there with more like a motivation of at state fair, they weren’t getting drunk or living it up. Some claimed that they believe in Jesus. But there were some that really needed to hear the Word of God. I talked to some different people, but didn’t have many deep conversations. As we were walking off the bridge and around the corner there were some people sitting down along the road parallel to the river. I came across a couple who were sitting down. As I explain the Word of God to her she was listening and agreeing. Her boyfriend with her was basically drunk, and I explain to him that he need to change the way he was living and that it was wrong. He wasn’t to receptive, to drunk probably to remember the conversation. But that women was wanting to hear the Word of God. The conversation ended with prayer and I encouraged her to attend the church near her house. I believe God really did something for that women in that moment, and it is really a testimony for us all to do evangelism.

Our group of about 300 to 400 missionaries spent four nights evangelizing on the streets of Recife during the carnival. We joined different churches and YWAM bases on this outreach with the common purpose to reach people with the Gospel in a place where people really needed to hear. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’m sure that there were hundreds of people or more reached during this outreach to those living the world’s lifestyle. Many of the students of School of the Bible also had testemonies of God using them to share God’s truth. Thank you for supporting the work that we are doing in Brazil. God is making an impact little by little.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outreach to Piaui

School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil is preparing for our outreach to Piaui. It is the next state over from Ceará. The students will be staying there for 21 days and will be doing ministry in possibly 4 different small towns which are in the Sertão. The Sertão is like the middle of nowhere. The desert region of the northeast of Brazil. But I know that God will do great things. Wasn't it John the Baptist who had a ministry in the desert?
Please pray for the students. There is two students who are very behind on there tuition payments. So we really need to see some movement in their finances in order for it to be wisdom to allow them to go on outreach.
School of the Bible - Fortaleza, Brazil started in January, and will end at the end of October. Please pray for us!
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