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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School of the Bible 2008 has started!

School of the Bible 2008 has started! We have 7 students this year. One returning from 2006 to finish up his school. Please pray for these students, that they would be full of God's prescence and that they would receive all that God has for them. Pray for Orlando, Luzimira, Jesinha, Josy, Wemerson, Rachel, and Rogerio.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bus Accident On School of the Bible Outreach!

Hi Steve and Paul
Greetings from Malawi, the warm heart of Africa!
Forgive me for the delay to personally connect, but our circumstances is a bit primitive in Malawi. Short explanation regarding the accident: Samara, Junior and Leo went together with Deliah (YWAM Mzuzu staff) on one of our best fancy coach line busses to Mzuzu. They only have night busses at the moment meaning they travel by night. Mzuzu is about 700km North of Blantyre. So they left around 6pm on Monday evening. The bus driver fell asleep behind the wheel and left the road. He woke up and tried to jerk the bus back onto the road. The bus hit the mountainside and he flipped it over on it's side, blocking the whole road. At about 10.18pm, I received a cell phone call from Deliah. She was in shock and said the bus made an accident. I asked where and if they are all ok.She explained where they are and that she thinks everyone is ok. There is no emergency services in Malawi that is functioning well, so I jumped in the pick-up to rush and fetch them. I only arrived at 00.30am at the accident site. It is about 200km from Blantyre. All the passengers stood in the middle of the road in the pitch darkness in the miss rain next to the bus. I found the YWAMers under a thin blanket praying for the people. They were all ok except for some bruises, scrapes, cuts and shock. During the accident, they stayed calm (Leo even took pictures) while the
rest of the people panicked. Junior kept on encouraging the people to stay calm (but I don't
think they understood his Portuguese). They stayed in the bus wreck and first helped all the people out before they left the bus. I really want to commend them for their excellent example. This is the kind of quality missionaries we would like to put on display to the world. They went on to see that the two injured people is helped while the rest of the passengers abandoned them. Afterwards they prayed with the passengers outside. When I arrived, Leo even went back into the bus luggage compartment to help with the luggage that was stuck inside. It was a very small uncomfortable place he had to crawl in, work between oil and acid, got his clothes completely ruined, but he was willing to help until the space was to small for him to get into.Samara helped and encouraged and held the flashlight. I need to mention that Junior was already sick with malaria symptoms at this time. Not one of them complained but they kept the spirits high with jokes and laughter. I commend to as leaders too with this great bunch of quality YWAMers.
Afterwards: We only arrived back in Blantyre at 4am the next morning. Took them all to the hospital to get checked out and they are all fine concerning the accident. We are at this time busy with our National meetings and I decided to rather advice them to stay with us till we are finished, take time to rest and travel with me back to Mzuzu.We got Junior checked out at hospital and he has malaria and is currently receiving treatment. He is not in hospital, but where I am staying so I can keep an eye on him. Last night Leo got sick and Samara also looked pale. Off we went to the hospital again and both of them are also receiving treatment for malaria and giardiase (stomach infection because of bad food or water). They are all at home and resting and doing fine. I used to be a registered nurse for 12 years and I am watching over them.
Request: I would like to ask for prayer covering for them and us. This attacks come
at a significant time as we are having National Meetings regarding the future of YWAM Malawi. The enemy is trying to crush the work of YWAM in Malawi. I cannot share much, but things has not been easy in the past. I am newly appointed as the National leader and just for your interest, I
have been praying since 2004 for God to send Brazilians to Malawi. We need that redemptive gifting that is on Brazilians to break through in this country. Maybe that can give some insight in the severity of the attack on all of us. We are all a bit tired and some is sick at the moment. The planning is to go to Mzuzu on Friday if they feel up to it, or to travel over the weekend. They are determined to continue their outreach for which we are truly thankful.Feel free to phone your guys at any time at the following number: xxx xxx xxxx or xxx xxx xxxx.
I will keep you updated on their health; they all seemed to be better.
Joyfully His
(National Chair YWAM Malawi)