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Friday, January 12, 2007

Next School of the Bible is about to Start

We can give glory to God for His faithfulness once again as next week we start School of the Bible - 2007.  We'll be back to work keeping this thing running.  Thank God for the rest that I got during the break, but back work we go. 
The new school will start on January 18.  Looks to be that we will have about 10-15 students this year.  So it seems that we will grow somewhat, which is good.  More people understanding the Bible is a good thing because they can relate to God better. Please pray for these students.  Seems that this year we will have our first foreign student who is from Africa.  So that is very interesting.  And five families also, which is occupying a lot of housing on the base!  How is this going to work?  But God is blessing the work we've done, even though we didn't get a chance to do much promotion last year at other YWAM locations.