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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Almost Robbed

It was one of those days again.  Today our house was almost robbed in the middle of the day.  Too bad it's not smart to go eat lunch at the other YWAM property,  because there can be people waiting and I guess watching to see if your in your house.  And if your not in your house,  well you can expect to be robbed. 
I guess I have to put those iron bars on the windows.  The reality is that the YWAM property here is very vunerable to being robbed.  We don't have a high wall built around the entire property, only a short one with barbed wire.  That short unprotecting wall is not enough to keep people out. 
Thank you God that nothing did get stolen, but our fellow base leader got victimnize for about the fifth time since they moved here to this property here. My most important item is my computer, which has a lot of important things on it, and a lot of hours of work could be stolen.  The cost of the computer is no small chunk of change either. And it was right there in the house when they tried to get in.  For some reason they got spooked and they ran away after they broke the window.  They could of easily got in the house by just climbing through. 
I guess this is God's warning to me to put more protection on the house before something even worse could happen.  And for the Love of God, let's get the wall built around the base. I mean the Israelites were smart enough to build one around Jerusalem, why shouldn't we?  I know were here to change a nation, but until then,  where is blacksmith around here? Pray for us!