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Monday, July 25, 2005

Franciso's Miracle

I just want to let everybody know that all of Francisco's needs have been met.  That more than $1200 in pledges have come in for him.  I can't believe it myself.  All I do know is that it wasn't just myself writing that letter.  It was God's grace giving me the words.  I am so amazed.  The greatest thing is now he can build a small add on to his house.  And so everybody doesn't have to sleep in the same room.  I know this is God,  Fransico has been faithful to God, and God is blessing him for it. 
For those confused on where to send the money.  For simplicities sake,  make checks out to YWAM.  And send the check to
PO Box 3000
Garden Valley, TX 75771
Write on a separate sheet of paper that it's for Paul & Enid Appelget.  Well, make sure it gets to Fransico. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's Fransico. I had written an e-mail about the need he and his family had to pay off his shack. And for some food. Thankfully, some of you responded and his immediate situation has been resolved. Continue to pray for him that we could figure a skill he could learn to hold a consistent job.  Posted by Picasa

Our Brazilian Staff Member has arrived. He just finished School of the Bible in Texas. So now he is leading a team on an outreach for the School of the Bible. Here he is teaching in the Creative Evangelism School here at the base, which is going to prepare young people for the Fortal outreach next week. Posted by Picasa